Chief Technology Officer

Apply by 31 January, 2019



ZAKA aims to become Africa’s leading platform for digital identity and service aggregation. We create digital identities for the users of Rwanda's healthcare system, a universal touchpoint between state and citizen. We use these digital identities to connect consumers with services that meet their needs and wants, starting with finance. After proving the concept in Rwanda, we will open the platform to users in other African markets and replicate the model through universal touchpoints.


ZAKA, founded in July 2018, has been self-funded by the founders to date. We are proud to be supported by the Government of Rwanda, Microsoft, Carnegie Mellon University Africa and NAGA.


Join our dynamic team that has built, run and exited multi-million dollar commercial and not-for-profit ventures in the Europe, USA and Africa.


Nick Mason (Co-Founder, CEO): Economics and Geography graduate from Trinity College Dublin, analyst at Toniic impact investments, co-founder / COO two social ventures in the UK & Africa.


Sasha Borovik (Co-Founder, Business and Partnership Development): co-founder Bio Signal Group, Head Lawyer worldwide for Microsoft public sector and First Deputy Minister of Economy for Ukraine.


Martin Saint (interim-CTO): professor of ICT and cyber engineering at Carnegie Mellon University Africa, entrepreneur and Africa telco, FinTech and blockchain leader.



Alby Shale (Strategy and Government Policy): graduate at Newcastle University, graduate at Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme, built Rwanda’s first national cricket stadium.


Yasin Qureshi (Strategy, Finance and Business Development): co-founded Frankfurt SE listed NAGA Group AG, set up and ran an investment bank which went public in 2007.


As CTO, will join the leadership team for a start-up with pan-African ambitions. A start-up supported by one of the world’s largest cloud service providers, one of the world’s greatest tech universities, and a Government that is renowned globally for its business savvy.


Working closely with ZAKA’s co-founders and our partners around the world, you will:

  • Hire and lead the core technology team.

  • Lead design thinking activities integrated with deep customer engagement.

  • Engage with Government ministries and commercial partners to understand technology, platform, database, blockchain, and API integration requirements.

  • Lead the development of ZAKA’s technology and applications.

  • Your most important goal in 2019 will be to deliver a proof of concept.

  • Beyond 2019, you will be ZAKA’s technology leader, driving the development, innovation and improvement of ZAKA’s technology across Africa.



You will be…

  • An entrepreneurial character with a proven track record in mobile technologies in Africa.

  • Deeply interested in digital identity, financial inclusion and/or health care.

  • A software developer, with particular skills in Android app development, USSD, APIs, and databases, as well as a working knowledge of web app frameworks.

  • Have data science experience, with skills in data architecture, modelling, analytics and integration.

  • An aspiring leader in your own right with good interpersonal and management skills.

  • Deeply engaged in Africa’s tech community with a special interest in 4th industrial revolution technologies like AI and DLT.

  • A “native” speaker and writer of English, with a working knowledge in Kinyarwanda, Swahili and French preferred.

  • Relentless in your curiosity, resilience, commitment and humility.



We are prepared to offer stock and a competitive salary for the right candidate.


This role offers the chance to be among the first team members for a company with great potential to succeed not just in Rwanda, but across Africa.


As the CTO working with experienced co-founders, there will be countless learning opportunities and continuous professional development to ensure you build the skills and experience to achieve your dreams.


ZAKA is a for-profit company, but our product will only be successful if it also has a positive impact on people’s lives. We want you to take pride in being part of a company that blends profit with purpose.



To apply to be ZAKA’s CTO, please send Nick Mason ( your CV and one of the following explaining why you want to work for ZAKA and what makes you the best possible person for this position. If you can, please link to samples of your work.


  • A one-page cover letter

  • A 5-slide power point presentation

  • A video no longer than 5-minutes

You are welcome to schedule a 20-min call with Nick, using the email above, before you submit your application.


Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

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