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ZAKA's web app and APIs make it easy for you to issue, hold and verify ID credentials.

For organisations that already do a lot of customer ID checks (like banks, telcos and utility companies), ZAKA offers a toolkit that converts physical ID checks into multi-functional digital ID credentials. These organisations earn fees when other companies use those credentials to verify someone’s ID.

For organisations that want to verify a customer’s identity in a cost-effective way, ZAKA offers a solution off the shelf, as well as APIs and SDKs for more advanced integrations. Our core solution comes with voice biometrics, which can also be adopted as a stand-alone product.

The Benefits
The most inclusive and scalable solution on the market
Select the service you want
ID verification and voice biometrics as combined or stand-alone products.
You don't need a big technical team
Choose between enterprise-level integration and customisation, or our solution off the shelf.
Support iOS, Android and low-phone customers
Achieve high-assurance customer verification with low-phone and smartphone customers.
Get going with accessible pricing
Start using ZAKA with as few as 500 customers. 
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