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Help your employees and customers be safe in the New Normal

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COVID-19 status tracking to help your employees and customers be safe in the New Normal

Estimates of the global cost of COVID-19 range from $2tn (WEF) to $8.8tn (Asian Development Bank). The tension between economic and public health is felt by every country.


To return people safely to work and play, as well as avoid a resurgence in COVID-19 infections in the “new normal”, governments and organisations need to be able to track and analyse the COVID-19 status of citizens, customers and employees.


ZAKA has extended its digital trust platform to enable the use of verifiable credentials in society's response to and recovery from COVID-19.

Want to:

Go back to work, travel, events, restaurants and cinemas, gyms and spas etc.

Don't want to:

Leave their (health) data everywhere

Fill out multiple forms and apps per day

Be forced to do C-19 testing

Undergo forced C-19 vaccination 

Lose control over their data

Be discriminated based on C-19 status


Need to:

Be productive again

Keep employees and customers safe

Be able to track staff’s C-19 status

Be able to analyse C-19 contacts

Notify people and comply with GDPR or  HIPAA respectively

Facilitate testing if required

Don't want to: 

Store (health) data or break privacy rules

Create complex user journeys

Have high investments

Force employees or customers

Discriminate employees or customers

The solution needs to be
end-to-end, privacy compliant and scalable
Securely issue and verify a person’s C-19 status with their consent and without exposing personal data
ZAKA Blockchain

Easy to use and install on iOS and Android

Create a verifiable ID from document and biometric

Self-declare health status and share test results with third-parties

Control personal and health-related data

Get notified when a COVID-19 risk occurs


A customisable dashboard available “off-the-shelf”


Set up COVID-19 safety requirements


Monitor and analyse data for risk management


Integrate with existing access control and authentication solutions


Integrate with testing facilities


Low cost for organisations and governments to implement

and SDKs
Available as 

Test Certification: test facilities issue digitally signed, fraud-proof and third-party verifiable test results to users. Users can hold these results in their ZAKA App and share them for verification by third-parties.

Proximity Tracking: phone-to-phone, with wearables or beacons. For example, users get a wearable token that emits a warning (light, sound or vibration) if people get too close and stores up to 5,000 encounters per day. If a user reports COVID symptoms or a positive test, contact tracing is automated to all encounters.

Symptom surveying: users fill a form in the App and submit results to institutions, receiving in return a risk assessment and  health advisory notes

Insights and Analytics: ZAKA Dashboard presents default insights on the above actions and a database for custom risk management analytics

Risk Communications: send out epidemiological and support messaging to anonymous App users through the ZAKA Dashboard

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A return to a new normal with enhanced privacy and security


Work and Study Safe

Get people back to working and studying safely with remote verification of COVID-19 status (self-declaration and test results), issuing of access tokens and re-verification of status on-site. Support on-site staff proximity tracking phone-to-phone, with wearables or beacons. Communicate risk of exposure to people when a positive case is confirmed.

Event Safe

Revive the events industry by verifying ticket, ID and COVID-19 information or ZKPs with a single, consent-driven scan using the App for employees and event attendees. Support a smooth user experience for access controls and on-site proximity tracking phone-to-phone, with wearables or beacons. Manage event safety as part of the overall event experience and loyalty via in-App offers, purchases and content. With proximity tracking enabled, subsequently inform anonymous attendees of exposure when a positive case is confirmed.


Travel Safe

Control access to travel hubs through pre-purchase and on-site verification of COVID-19 status. Implement localised and anonymised proximity tracking for private and common spaces. Subsequently inform anonymous App users of exposure when a positive case is confirmed.

Test Facilities


Manage the patient ID and check-in workflow and manually or automatically issue patient test results as a digitally signed, fraud-proof and third-party verifiable credential in the patient’s ZAKA App.

Institutions of any size sign up to NewNorm™ with minimal risk

Immediately available to pilot (free up to 100 people) or fully implement this solution with a flexible fee structure.

Trusted by UNDP, Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and NYU research labs.

Distributing in the USA with AlphaNet Technologies Inc.

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